Cost is important, but don't let it be the determining factor. If someone offers to DJ/MC your wedding for less than $300.00 BEWARE! I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a phone call from a panicked bride on the Wednesday or Thursday before her wedding on Saturday and she can't even find her DJ. When I ask, do you have a signed contract? After a long pause, the reply is always no. And when I ask how much her DJ was charging her, it's always below $300.00. Be sure to get every thing in writing and a signed contract.
Your event will most likely require music to satisfy all ages and musical tastes so ask about variety and the policy on requests. Ask for a guarantee in writing. A professional DJ will be willing to give you a guarantee. A good DJ will take the time to explain how they will handle the details of your event. They will be able to communicate well with you and should be willing to listen to your ideas and meet any special needs. Your DJ should be familiar with most of the music you want and should know how to organize the event within your guidelines. Try to determine if your DJ has the ability and willingness to "read" the crowd.
Most reputable DJ's will be willing to provide you materials, song lists and informational planning sheets. Be sure to check references and recommendations. Auditioning a DJ at a stranger's event is not usually practical. Remember, a good event is an individually customized event lasting 4 hours or more. The DJ may be providing activities and music as requested by the client and this may not be of the style or type that you require. Also, a good DJ is busy during a event and usually cannot take time out to explain what is going on and why. Some DJ's also consider it tacky to invite strangers to a event just to solicit new business. You wouldn't want that at your event.
The perfect DJ will be affordable, experienced and have good references. He or she will know music, communicate in a friendly and helpful manner, and should be interested in what you and your guests want. A professional DJ will mix music of all types well. Your DJ should do it all with style, microphone presence and proper volume.
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Pay close attention to their professionalism. A professional DJ should have a web site, or at the very least be able to provide you with literature and referrals. According to the Wall Street Journal "A quality web site is a sign of a quality business".
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